Being a first time mom, I was terrified when my little one was down with fever that followed his Dtap vaccination. He was cranky and howling the entire day. I felt completely lost and I too cried with him since I did not know how to comfort him. I know every mom panics when their child has fever. But the truth is, fever is common among children. Fever is the body’s way of killing off infections by raising the heat on germs. So you see fever actually protects your child from an underlying infection. Now that sounds reassuring, isn’t it?

So, How to care for your child with fever?

  • A 15 min bath in lukewarm water can really help bringing the temperature down. Do make sure the water does not get cold and take your child out if he/she begins to shiver.
  • Keep the child in light clothing.
  • Make sure the child is well hydrated. Its not uncommon for them to lose their appetite. Hence it’s important you keep offering them few sips of water at regular intervals or a bowl of clear soup. If the child refuses food, please do not try to force feed.
  • If the child is breastfed, keep nursing very often. Its both comforting and the best food when your child is sick.
  • Lastly but most importantly comfort your child in every way….Cuddles…..Hugs….Kisses….

When to Call your Doctor?

  • Contact your doctor right away if the child is less than 3 – 6 months old.
  • When the fever does not subside in 3 days or when the fever has returned after 24 hrs.
  • If the child complains of headache, earache, rash or having breathing difficulties.
  • If your child looks dehydrated, very sick or unusually drowsy.
  • If the child has febrile seizures (fit).