Fever Watch Details

98.6 Fever watch is a compact Continuous Fever monitoring system. The device is placed under the armpit and immobilized using sticking tape with a patch. This natural adhesive patch is extremely thin, non allergic, soft, breathable, non-toxic, anti-bacterial, non-residual and mild. The 98.6 Fever Watch App is to be downloaded on to your Smartphone (Android 4.4 onwards / iOS 8 onwards). Switch-on the Bluetooth and Click-on the app to register and connect to the 98.6 Fever Watch device. Now the Fever Watch is connected up with smart-phone using Blue-tooth and the temperature reading are available on the smart-phone.

98.6 Fever Watch records the temperature continuously and shows the data in tabular as well as graphical form. You can set temperature threshold (Higher as well as Lower range) and you will get the alarm on your phone once the temperature is breached. Through the Carenet feature, you can create own group (upto 3, even your doctor can be part of this group), with whom you can share the alert, even when they are far-away from the patient. Even if the Blue-tooth link between the device and the smart-phone are dis-connected, the device is smart enough to understand it and start storing the temperature reading in its internal memory and shares the same with the smart-phone, once it is back in range. The fever data can be emailed and stored for future use.

The 98.6 fever watch has been clinically tested and has been validated for its accurate reading. It has got CE (European Certification) for safety and also Child safe (meets EN 71 standard), so that the child cannot swallow it. It is also made of Medical grade plastic. The device has a replaceable Battery (CR 2016 Button cell) which is available in all shops. The product is also water-resistant and can be wiped clean. It is shareable and can be used with all members of the family.

The app also has smart-features to give you vaccination remainders for your child (based on the child’s date of birth).

98.6 Fever watch, gives you total peace of mind, by continuously monitoring the body temperature, prevents fits by monitoring fever spikes, helps in better diagnostics with its temperature trends, and also provides you with remote monitoring. This results in reduced stress for the patient and the care-taker there by facilitating speedy recovery.

We know that the last thing a mom or dad wants to do to their children is wake them up at night once they’ve fallen asleep. Now parents can receive alerts on their smart phone when their child’s temperature begins to rise so that they can take treat them immediately. FW takes the guesswork out of determining whether your child is actually getting sick. Now you can confidently monitor your kids’ health and share the fever pattern with your doctor next day. It helps your doctor to narrow down the treatment to a great extent, thereby helping your child to be on his feet at the earliest!


  • Continuous Temperature Monitoring -24/7
  • Alerts anytime, anywhere if the temperature range is breached
  • Simple, comfortable, and compact
  • Offline Recording Mode
  • Sync up with your smartphone ( iOS / Android )
  • Temperature reading shared across multiple devices/ people in any location
  • Clinically proven and meets Child safety norms
  • Temperature trends available for accurate diagnosis
  • Works with Apple Health Kit
  • Escalation of alert for Hyperthermia and Hypothermia
  • Reusable device


  • Increases the efficiency of the diagnosis
  • Undisturbed and peaceful sleep for baby and mother
  • Prevent fits by monitoring fever spikes
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Vaccination alerts