Channel Partners

HELYXON is keen on associating with like-minded channel partners worldwide who believe, can relate with and see merit in our vision.

We are looking to partner only with people who are keenly interested and are serious about a focused and committed activity for generating business for our offerings in their respective local markets and sphere of influence.

Our first product, 98.6° Fever Watch, a continuous fever monitoring system, is currently in go to market phase.

We have a whole slew of many more equally path breaking healthcare solutions on the anvil, which will be deployed through our channel partners.

We believe our offerings have a very long term consistent and sustained promise and would like our channel partners to be a part of the success network.

Please fill the essential information fields about you as appended below so that we know your name, names of people we can revert to with contact information and know where you are located.

Upon submission, two separate contents will appear for your perusal. One is a pre-reader for becoming our valued channel partner and the other is a questionnaire, which when completed and submitted shall enable us to understand you better. You should be hearing from us soon thereafter.

If, for any valid reason you need to reach us without submitting details as requested, please feel free to write to Anand Bijapurkar, Director – Business Development. He can be reached at