Fever Watch

  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Single patient monitoring
  • Alerts anytime, anywhere
  • Simple, Comfortable and Compact
  • Clinically proven, CE Certified and meets child safety norms
  • Temperature trends available for accurate diagnosis
  • Offline recording mode
  • Reusable device

Fever Watch Pro

  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Multiple patient monitoring
  • Eliminates Cross Contamination
  • Alerts anytime, anywhere
  • Simple, Comfortable and Compact
  • Clinically proven, CE Certified and meets child safety norms
  • Temperature trends available for accurate diagnosis
  • Offline recording mode

Have you protected your child?

Vaccination protects your child against various vaccine-preventable infectious diseases. A number of vaccinations are recommended in the first few years of a child’s life.

Download the free app on your phone, where the vaccine scheduler on our app will keep you on track and on time for the next shot.

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iOS App

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Difference Between Thermometer & Fever Watch

    • Features

      • Continuous Monitoring
      • Accuracy
      • Alert system
      • Cloud Connectivity
      • Central Monitoring
      • Not Harmful
      • Future Upgradation
      • Undisturbed resting
      • No Cross Contamination
      • Event logging
    • FeverWatch

    • Mercury

    • Digital

    • IR

How it Works

Helyxon 98.6 Fever Watch
98.6 Fever Watch Teaser
Doctors Testimonial


Help transform healthcare through technology solutions
98.6° Fever Watch is a unique continuous temperature monitoring system. As a doctor working in an intensive care setting, measurement of temperature is a very important vital parameter which helps me in managing my patients. Dr. Shankara Narayanan

Sr.Consultant Neonatologist, Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital

The Device 98.6 of “Helyxon” is a splendid invention, in this Technocrat world, we expect everything to be on our finger tips and this is definitely much advanced than expected. I was thrilled while it worked out perfectly for my 1.5years kid;I appreciate the creative brains behind this invention. Vijayan.R

HR Professional – Software Industry.

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Helyxon has a great story to tell!

Out of 250 participants, Helyxon’s 98.6 Fever Watch has won the award for the best Medical Equipment in 2016.
The jury consists of eminent professionals from the Healthcare fraternity headed by Dr.Mathan, CMC – Vellore.
At Helyxon, we uphold our mission by working hard every day to bring value to our consumers, our associates, and the global community. Our products have been developed for the global groups, establishing a sound reputation for our quality and excellence.

Helyxon receives annual award for innovation in the Medical – Healthcare Industry 2016 from Medicall
Why do I need 98.6 Fever Watch?
As a mother or care giver, you need to constantly measure your child’s fever temperature to provide timely care and intervention. Convention thermometers cannot do this effectively. So, we introduced 98.6 Fever Watch to reduce your stress. 98.6 FW helps you monitor, and record your child’s fever continuously. It sounds an alert on your mobile phone when the fever spikes or the temperature crosses the set threshold. Alerts can be sent to any phone over Internet, making our product truly a smart device in the Internet of Things.
How to use 98.6 Fever Watch?
Place 98.6 Fever Watch under the child’s armpit (preferably left) and stick-on it using the disposable patch provided in the kit. Please ensure the sensor in the device is placed as close to the armpit roof as possible. Now you are ready to monitor the core body temperature through axillary temperature. Download the 98.6 Fever Watch App on your mobile phone. Turn on the bluetooth on your mobile, tap the App, and the device is paired up with the phone for fever monitoring.
What are the benefits of using 98.6 Fever Watch?
  • Peaceful Sleep
  • Timely intervention and care
  • Effective caring through sharing of data
  • Better diagnosis, and hence right treatment
How is 98.6 Fever Watch different from other digital thermometers?
It’s not just a thermometer. It’s a 24 hours continuous monitoring system. It uses one of the most accurate thermistors for accurate measurement of body temperature. The device pairs up with your mobile phone, and intelligently sounds an alert based on the progress of the fever.
In digital thermometer, I get a beep to indicate when I should read the temperature. How do I know it in 98.6 Fever Watch?
98.6 Fever Watch is a continuous realtime monitor. It takes about 20 minutes to reach out to the exact core temperature. So, you will see the current temperature all the time.
What are the unique features of 98.6 Fever Watch?
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Offline Recording Mode
  • Alerts anytime, anywhere – an IoT wonder!
  • Simple, comfortable, and compact
Is it safe to my child?
It is safe. It complies with all product safety standards for children. It is compliant with EN 71 standard so that your child will never be able to swallow it. We use Bluetooth low energy technology, which is already a de facto technology in most of the healthcare wearable products and devices.
I noticed a 1F difference when measured in Axillary (arm pit). Why?
Yes. The Axillary temperature is 1F less than the core body temperature. We didn’t calibrate it in our App. So, what you see in our App is the actual Axillary temperature.
What is a Carenet?
It’s a group of people, primarily your child’s loved ones with whom you want to share the fever status for quick response or intervention.
How Carenet members are notified?
Each Carenet member must install 98.6 Fever Watch App in his or hers mobile phone, and accept the member request. When the phone paired up with the device is connected to internet, the alerts are sent through the cloud to the Carenet members.
Should I really need a mobile phone to use the device?
Yes. However, you don’t need to pair it with the device all the time. You can turn on the “Offline mode”, and the device records the fever temperature for 24 hours at 15 minutes interval. You will need the mobile phone to synchronize and visualize the readings.
Do I still get alerts when the device is in offline mode, and the phone is not paired?
No. Your phone must be paired with the device for any alert notification.
My 98.6 Fever Watch is not working. Why?
Check if you have installed the battery correctly.
Check if you have turned on the Bluetooth on the phone
Check if you have installed and opened 98.6 Fever Watch App
Check if the device is within the range of 3 meters
How often should I replace the battery?
The battery runs for more than 120 days in standby mode. In continuous monitoring mode, it runs for more than 30 days. The battery is Lithium coin cell 3V CR2016.
Where are the data stored?
In your phone. Note that on iPhones and iPads, 98.6 Fever Watch automatically synchronises with Apple HealthKit.
Can I use it for multiple children in my family?
Yes. However, the App is limited to one child now. You can archive the data by deleting the child profile, and then add profile for another child. Watch out for our next release to support multiple children without archiving any data.
98.6 Fever Watch gets disconnected. Why?
98.6 Fever Watch pairs with your phone on Bluetooth Low Energy protocol. So, when the device or phone moves away from the acceptable range of 2 meters to 5 meters, the device will be disconnected.
What comes in the box?
You will receive 98.6 Fever Watch with Lithium coin cell (CR 2016), 10 stick-on patches. There is a Watch strap too for holding the device when not in use.
Is the battery replaceable?
Yes. It is ordinary Lithium coin cell, and available in all stores.
How do I set the fever threshold?
You can set the value in “Settings” option in our App. The threshold breach will sound an alarm, and wake you up.
How do I download the 98.6 FW App?
You can install from or from Apple App Store or Google Play store (Android). You can also scan the QR code print on the backside of the box, and proceed with App installation.
What are the Add-ons in the App?
The App provides Vaccine scheduler and Medication reminder. It also provides a few useful links to manage your child’s fever. You also get periodic updates and useful information in your Inbox from us.
If the device is broken, can I get replacement?
The warranty is for 1 year, and any manufacturing defects will be addressed within the warranty period. Any deliberate damage or damage caused by improper use of the sensor will not be addressed.
Is it washable?
No, but it is water resistance. 98.6 Fever Watch should not be used in the bath or pool.
How will this help my Paediatrician?
You can include him in your child’s carenet. So, he gets fever alerts of your child automatically, and he can intervene at right time.
Why do we recommend measuring axillary temperature?
The temperature measured in the armpit gives the accurate body reading. If placed in some other place, the readings could have significant variance from core body temperature. On the other hand, the armpit temperature is just 1F lower than the core body temperature. We can infer the core body temperature more accurately.
How do I order the fever watch?
Go to our website and click on the Buy Now menu for ordering the device online. We are also available in e-commerce websites.

How do I return it if I am not satisfied with the product?
Please check our return policy statement.
How long will it take for shipping?
It will take two weeks for shipping the product in India.
More questions?
Please call us at +91-44-65150555 / +91-9444148584. or email to , We will be happy to help.


Help transform healthcare through technology solutions

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