My+Health is a patient engagement mobile application facilitating accessible healthcare features and connecting patients to their physicians. The APP empowers patients to be actively involved in their health and in providing personalized care. An efficient system with powerful digital tools for remote patient monitoring and clinical care, that is cost effective and aids in ease in delivery of health solutions

Key Features

  • ○ Seamless Video Consultation

    Advanced algorithm for high quality video calling experience

  • ○ Organized Appointment Schedule

    Online booking and mapping of appointment dates and time slots for patient convenience

  • ○ Clinical Prescription

    Electronic prescriptions saved to the patient profile and stored in the cloud

  • ○ Digital Health Records

    Review health information through lab reports, past medical history and investigations

  • ○ Secured Wallet Payment

    Convenient in-built payment integration with multiple payment gateways

  • ○ Improved Patient Engagement and Communication

    Multi-mode alerts on appointment booking and consultation status with specialized updates on delays

  • ○ Immunization

    Customized and timely immunization reminders with integrated tracking schedules for children

  • ○ Growth Charts

    Anthropometric progressions displaying child’s growth progressions and growth trajectory

  • ○ COVID Screening Tool

    Daily screening questionnaire is provided for self-assessment and for reference during tele consultation

Download The App Now

  • The My+Health is cloud based and hence the data is accessible anywhere anytime for ready reference.