EPICare functions to creating a healthcare network between physicians, front office personnel and patients to form an advanced technological grid. This interoperability proposes a collaborative teamwork and aims at improved productivity and effective time management.

  • EPICare

    Designed for clinical practitioners for their clinical practices and with integrated patient engagement-built health tools.

  • KC APP

    Designed for front desk personnel to analyse and track clinical tasks like patient registration, vitals measurement, billing details, view daily appointments with patient broadcasts and daily reports.

  • My+Health APP

    Designed for patients with a very simple user interface with self-registration, convenient appointment booking, e-prescriptions, prepaid self-payment billing, investigation reports etc.


  • ○ Deploy patient engagement resources and information

  • ○ Increased level of communication and care plans

  • ○ Improved clinical efficiency and reduced healthcare costs

  • ○ Timely medical care and health assessments

  • ○ Effective time management and instant medical interventions

  • ○ Remote patient monitoring of vitals and health risks

  • Doctors:

    Expert care providers turn to EPICare in providing remote care and assessable healthcare solutions to reach out to their patients.

  • Front Desk Personnel:

    All clinical tasks are efficiently mapped for front desk personnel through EPICare under the KC Enabler APP to assist the physicians and communicate effectively with patients.

  • Community Nurse:

    Assists the nurses to track and map all their responsibilities on a single APP through KC Provider under EPICare platform.

  • Patients:

    Afforded with a user-friendly interface, My+Health APP emphasizes the concept of on- demand care to bridge the gaps between healthcare providers and patients with an array of built in tools ranging from video consultation to patient engagements.

Transforming Practice

At HELYXON, we believe that technology can do many things that we, humans, could ever do. We need a system to harness that power, without failure to appreciate that Care, Art, Emotions, Touch etc., can never be replaced by technology.

1. What technology can’t do, need to be done by the patient or his guardian.

2. What technology and patient (who is enabled) can’t do the community level visiting care provider/ a call centre professional/a front office staff at an OPD need to do.

3. Thus, the physician can to focus on his core abilities like consultations, diagnosis and prescription and intervention.

4. Also, there is a provision for physicians to get support from a remote specialist or to refer to the patient.