Our platforms and solutions aim at meeting patient’s demands, efficient ways to deliver care and easy accessibility of healthcare services. We extend the best practices to provide patient’s needs across the care continuum thereby reducing healthcare costs.


  • ○ Improving patient care and outcomes.

  • ○ Easy appointment booking and health tools.

  • ○ Convenient Home care solutions for remote monitoring.

  • ○ Secured cloud-based patient information and communication.

  • ○ Empowering patients towards self-care and reduced hospital visits.

  • ○ Improved connectivity to clinics or hospitals.

  • At Home:

    Providing self-care home based solutions with remote vitals monitoring with OXY-2 and necessary tele visits with EPICare.

  • At Community:

    Empowering community-based healthcare accessibility through EPICare with patient engagements and remote consultations.

  • At Hospital Ward:

    Patients are connected to comfortable IoT grade medical device, OXY-2 for remote assessments and timely medical attention with alert escalations.

  • At Hospital OPD:

    Follow up and routine care for patients can be performed remotely with tele consultation using the EPICare platform.

  • At Shool:

    Health programs and medical centres designed for a school environment to encourage students and faculties towards and receiving timely treatments and diagnosis.