Diabetics management is a perfect addition to tele medicine with a majority of diabetic patients already involving in self-routines by injecting themselves with insulin or monitoring their sugar levels in blood and sharing the results with their providers remotely. EPICare can deliver care and improve clinical status of individuals through teleconsultation.

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  • ○ Remote Diabetic Care:

    Data through medical records can be tracked via EPICare and
    enable patients to reach out to their providers.

  • ○ Patient Engagement:

    Through digital access physicians can provide necessary medical support and health education on diabetes.


  • ○ Constant Management:

    Effective in healthcare delivery by providing patients access to
    consult physicians in cases if doubts or self-assurance in health.

  • ○ Telediagnosis in Diabetics:

    Clinical evaluation through preliminary consult can assist physicians to manage and engage with patients.


March 18, 2021

Diabetic patients often require consults on their blood sugar levels and hence they were able to comfortable consult me via EPICare platform. I was able to remotely monitor their health conditions and offer them clinical advice. Also prescribing them with their insulin doses through e-prescriptions, so many of them need not travel long distances just to obtain my prescription.