EPICare offers modernized healthcare services through its teleconsultation platform. The frictionless access to voice and video consultation is built on an advanced and unique video compression algorithm necessitating connection despite lower bandwidths or internet connectivity. A simple and easy to use interface connecting patients to their physicians foster meaningful connections and improved patient outcomes.

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  • ○ Customizable APP for Individual Practices:

    Tailor made to suit all specialities and based on value-based care and endorsing doctor-patient relationship.

  • ○ Appointment Based Consults:

    Scheduled based appointments systemize teleconsultation and effective time management.

  • ○ Notification:

    We understand the uncertainty of doctor’s practice and for the first time in teleconsultation, the doctor has the upper hand through a special feature by notifying their patient through a system based IVRS call to join the consult.

  • ○ Engagements:

    Personalized messages and reminders to facilitate patient centric focus and care.

  • ○ Multi-mode Pre-Alerts:

    Alerts sent to patients through SMS, email, push message in the My+Health patient APP and IVRS system call for active response and actionable notifications.

  • ○ Multi-Tele Meeting Rooms:

    Doctors have the feasibility to notify multiple patient whilst commencing the day’s consultation with each patient joining different virtual rooms and effectively managing time.

  • ○ Patient’s Health Status:

    Doctors can view patient’s medical history and past prescriptions parallelly to the teleconsultation thus assisting in making apt clinical decisions and diagnosis.


March 18, 2021

I am new to the telemedicine platform and initially was hesitant to use the APP. I was unwell and needed to consult with my doctor urgently. That’s when I learnt how easy it is to connect to my doctor through My+Health APP for video consultation without the need to visit a hospital. I was e-prescribed medications and felt so much better. I also had a follow-up video consultation as a health check.