Dermatology telemedicine services offers routine management of skin ailments and conditions. The course of diagnosis can be evaluated with EPICare through detailedpatient clinical history, share a photograph of existing skin conditions and receive medication refills. Assessment with appropriate treatment plan can improve patient care and remote medical attention.

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  • Virtual Exam:

    Skin conditions can be diagnosed through video consults and assessments can be done on the severity of the ailment, following which in-person consult can be recommended.

  • E-Prescriptions:

    Medications and refills can be prescribed for routine diagnosis as well as allergies can be automatically specified for individual patients at the time of consultation.

  • Skin Ailments:

    Patients can upload pictures of their underlying skin ailment for more accurate diagnosis, mainly for acute skin disorders like acne, lesions, rashes etc.

  • Effective Patient Engagements:

    Education and medical information on skin conditions can inform patients and offer constant engagements from their care providers.


March 18, 2021

“I have been able to diagnose primary skin ailments for my patients through EPICare. My patients are now able to connect to me through their choice of consultation and this has ensured that they receive care and medications at the earliest.”