EPICare provides a holistic patient engagement and a customized telemedicine platform for medical professionals. It is an integrated telehealth solution for day-to-day healthcare and hospital management tasks.

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  • ○ Appointment Schedules

    Map pre-set convenient timings for consults, additional feature to inform patients through the system on delay or cancellation of consults.

  • ○ Teleconsultation

    Frictionless video and voice consultation

  • ○ Patient Engagements

    Personalized reminders and messages can be sent to the patients

  • ○ Patient Management

    Patient database, health records and investigative reports mapped to individual patients.

  • ○ Prescription and Complaints Templates

    Preset information available to just click rather than type to save time

  • ○ Multiple Devices

    Option of choice of devices for physicians

  • ○ Chats

    Securely addressing the health concerns of patients for prompt suggestion or advice


March 18, 2021

EPICare platform and tools have encouraged my patients to reach out conveniently through the easy-to-use mobile APPs. I have received positive feedback from my patients who feel that they are connected and are well communicated by the clinic services. I am also happy with the way EPICare has helped my practice in a significant way