Community Health promotes health and well-being among individuals living in specific geographic locations to meet health concerns of the community. A Carenet is provided towards networking a health team comprising of physicians, patients and midwives on a single platform. With the advent of the internet and technology, remote care, as well as daily activities can be recorded and tracked for ease in usability. This will enhance improved care and exclude manual hassles of patient records.

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  • ○ Registration of Patients:

    Patient details are saved on a cloud server that can be tracked by the Primary Health Centre and the carenet users.

  • ○ Patient Health Records:

    Digital maintenance of health information as well as past reports that can be shared securely with secondary and tertiary care providers in case of emergencies or added concerns.

  • ○ TeleHealth Platform:

    Through the EPICare and My+Health Platform initial diagnosis can be consulted through Video consultation evading travel time for patients in remote areas and necessitating critical health problems to medical centres.

  • ○ Empowering Patients through Engagements:

    Periodic, Personalized, Protocol based Messages based on health education, nutrition, vaccination, hygiene etc.

  • ○ Scheduled Hospital Visits:

    Appointments for Vaccination or Preventive health check-up and follow ups.


March 18, 2021

We’ve seen recent success in better engagement with our healthcare providers through EPICare. As a community, we need assessable medical care and EPICare is a one-stop solution. I can now book appointments at home and tele-consult my doctors without the need to travel or wait for my doctor. I am assured of my health and my medical options available.