The ongoing pandemic that started in 2020, changed the lives of human kind around the world that resulted in the world adjusting to the “New Normal”.

The outbreak resulted in many levels of lockdowns and restricted movements around the world. This evidently reshaped the face of Healthcare and challenged the intervention of digital technologies for medical care. With inaccessibility of healthcare services, inadequate facilities of care, thus it increased anxiety and instilled fear in people to reach out to clinics or hospitals for timely care in distress of cross infection to the deadly virus.

  • HELYXON’s Fight against COVID-19

    A unique holistic approach of integration of Teleengagement platform (EPICare) and Remote Monitoring Vitals Solution (OXY-2 device with iVITAL+ mobile APP) was crucial in assisting many doctors reach out to their patients. This integration ensured that physicians could depend on reliable data and accurate health information for an evidence based clinical diagnosis.

EPICare TeleEngagement Platform

  • Remote Care:

    Convenient access to care providers from the comfort of a patient's home.

  • Teleconsultations:

    EPICare platform assisted many Doctors to stay connected to their patients for an in-person consult like experience thus safeguarding both care providers and patients.

  • Digital Health Records:

    Patients could upload their health records, reports and share images with their care providers for meaningful consults

  • Patient Engagements:

    Health queries were answered by care providers along with health education messages.

  • COVID Questionnaire:

    An inbuilt tool to analyze the risk of COVID symptoms was introduced for self-assessment of patient's health and vitals

  • Remote Patient Vitals Monitoring

    ○ OXY-2, a "first-of-its-kind" IoT based device track four real-time vital parameters- SpO2, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate and Temperature, via Bluetooth and transmits the data to a mobile APP (iVITAL+).
    ○ OXY-2 device assisted patients to track their vitals and record in a mobile APP (iVITAL+) which was remotely monitored by physicians.
    ○ Alert escalations beyond a pre-set threshold were notified for timely medical interventions.

  • Deployment of Remote Vitals Monitoring Solution in Leading Hospitals

    ○ HELYXON received the COVID Champion Award by the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for the pathbreaking solution to face the COVID challenge.
    ○ Hospitals like ICH, Stanley and many other hospitals have set up an effective Remote Monitoring System for the Neonatal and COVID wards through our solutions.

  • Proposed Work Flow of the Wards