EPICare offers a remote post-surgery care for patients through the tele-engagement platform, connecting them to their caregivers remotely without the necessity for an in-person follow up routine. This necessitates hospital visits only for critical patients, thus saving time for patients, hospital staff and utilization of hospital resources.

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  • ○ Telediagnosis:

    Remote visualization of patients and access to patient health records can provide a primary analysis on pre hospital diagnosis.

  • ○ Remote Vitals Monitoring Care:

    Integration of OXY-2 of the platform can enable patients battling health issues to conveniently track their vital parameters, SpO2, Heart rate, Respiration rate and Temperature, to monitor early health problems or seek emergency treatment, also promoting continuity of care.

  • ○ Active Follow Up Routine for Post Operative:

    Post consultation through tele-visits can evade the in-person visits for patient convenience.

  • ○ Patient Engagements:

    Patient education and health information as part of care plan beyond the hospital.


March 18, 2021

For post-surgery care, patients are often advised to complete bed rest with an option to Home-based Care. Through OXY-2 my team was able to analyse the vitals status and through any alerts, I was able to connect to them via a video consult via EPICare. The integration of the remote monitoring solution has been very effective in the road to recovery.