The KC Enabler App is intended for the Hospital’s Front Desk non-clinical applications and handled by the working staff to aid in the assistance of Doctor’s schedule. This is an easy-to-use assessment tool for integration of multiple tasks in one application for enhanced patient communication and improvised patient workflow. The app is designed to optimize patient flow, complete patient management system, ensure organization of appointments and update patient database on cloud.


  • ○ Appointment Configuration and Scheduling

    Allocate appointments and also patient visit conformation.

  • ○ Patient Portal

    Ensuring registered patients' list by adding or editing of new patients.

  • ○ Fee Assortments and Update Subscriptions

    Easy generation of financial information and subscription plans.

  • ○ Reports in Fee Collection

    Envisaging timely collection of fees from patients and generating reports for the same.

  • ○ Clinical Information

    Update patient’s vital parameters and anthropometry records for children visiting the hospital/clinic.

  • ○ Non-Touch Kiosk:

    Authorized health volunteers have a portable kiosk (Teleconsultation Tab with an APP & Basic devices) connecting certain remote healthcare facilities.

  • ○ Multi Doctor Single FD Personnel:

    The APP is customized to select multiple doctors under the same login for a particular clinic or hospital.


Mrs Radha
March 1, 2021

"I find the KCE APP very useful since I had always been accustomed to manual entry of patients using a notepad. The APP is very easy to use and the features of the APP replaces and tracks my daily tasks. Some days we have a lot of patients in the clinic and then I used to find it difficult to cater to individual patients but now I am at ease since I can now just open my APP to retrieve clinical tasks."