Telehealth consultations in the field of physiotherapy have provided physiotherapists with the opportunity to access their patients through their symptoms and chart a rehabilitation plan. There are a lot of injuries that can be managed online and EPICare offers Online Therapy consults for patients who have trouble visiting clinics for in-person consults and care. Injuries that further require a more precise diagnosis can be consulted in-person upon the recommendation of the specialist.

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  • ○ E-Therapy:

    Online sessions can help assess symptoms through subjective questions to diagnose injuries and perform certain movements to evaluate the extent of the injury.

  • ○ Remedial Plan:

    Through the E-therapy analysis and past health reports, physiotherapists can prescribe a personalized rehabilitation plan and exercise charts for faster recovery.

  • ○ Personalized Care:

    Patients can send medical images and videos of themselves doing the recommended exercises to validate with their care providers whether the movements are appropriate or not.

  • ○ Safety for Patients:

    Online therapy and E-prescriptions are convenient alternatives for patients who are too ill to travel or have mobility restrictions.


March 18, 2021

"Many patients have benefitted from the online therapies with real-time clinical analysis and exercises advised as per their symptoms. EPICare is a simple and cost-effective solution and a good fit for all my patients."