• VHNs and ASHA workers shoulder multiple tasks by visiting pregnant mothers' homes for registering children, updating the growth statistics and educating mothers on health and hygiene. It is a complex task to keep a close track on the daily tasks as well as schedules and manually entering precise crucial health information. In an aid to provide relief from physical entry, HELYXON has come out in support of the workers by developing the KC Provider APP tailor made for their comfort and ease. Their daily functions can be scheduled and recorded for efficient tracking and monitoring for efficient follow up services and revisits.


  • ○ Schedules

    A complete schedule plan on home visits for completed, pending or upcoming visits.

  • ○ Medical Profile

    Updating the anthropometric measurements by in-person visit analysis.

  • ○ Patient Portal

    Ensuring registered babies list by adding or editing of new users.

  • ○ Vaccination

    Reports as well as reminders for upcoming vaccination scheduled for individual babies.

  • ○ Timely Institutional Care

    For premature or reportedly ill babies on their follow up routine.


March 18, 2021

My daily activities revolve around travelling to different villages for post-delivery visits to mothers, first aid for minor illnesses and assess the growth and development of babies. I was earlier entering the names of the villages and activities in a notebook, but it was very tedious to track all the tasks and data and submit them to the Health Supervisor. We were then told to use the KC Provider APP, where all our duties were mapped in the APP. Now I feel relieved since I am saving extra time during my visits by entering the data in the APP and can visit more houses than before. This APP has been of great help to me