Patients can necessitate an initial diagnosis through teleconsultation. Through the physician’s decision of clinical analysis can he/she recommend an in-person consult thereby saving time as well as hospital resources.

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  • Towards the effective functioning of OPD, the follow up treatment and routine analysis can be hence allocated to a home-based care and this will eventually result in.

  • ○ Needless physical intervention by nurses to patients, hence allotted time can be invested to other critically ill patients

  • ○ Assists to improve the reliability and efficiency of vital data

  • ○ Data can be plotted into trends

  • ○ Proper escalation mechanism

  • ○ Productivity will be improvised

  • ○ Reduction in Cross infection of patients


March 18, 2021

I had met with an accident and was admitted to the OPD, post the surgery I was looked after by a great team of doctors and nurses who ensured I received the best care. I also want to acknowledge the OXY-2 device that helped my doctors evaluate my health conditions and bring me back to good health.