Multi-channel accessibility and proactive engagement improves the Footfall, Experience and Revenue for the Hospital.

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HELYXON in collaboration with IIT Madras brings you many innovative MedTech solutions out of IITM Research Park


○ Improving the Footfall

○ Tertiary care hospital becomes the epicentre of the care delivery system

○ Family / General Physicians are linked to the specialists

○ Communities, Educational institute, Factories, offices, etc. are linked to the tertiary care facility.

○ Enabling the village level volunteer / Pharmacy to get connected with the tertiary care facility.

○ Home care visits by Phlebotomist / Drug delivery boys.

○ Digital marketing through WebSite, SEO, Google Map, etc.

○ Reminders for the existing patient based on the previous Dr’s advice & protocols

○ Multi-Channel, Easy Access

  • The success of the care provider in the future depends upon who provides the multi-faceted accessibility to their clients.

○ IVRS based 24/7 automated appointment booking with reports.

○ Web Portal based booking on the go, through a link received as message.

○ Mobile APP based booking in few clicks in Patient’s mobile phone.

○ In-Person Non-Touch Kiosk based booking at OPD.

○ In-Person consultation by walk-in patients.
○PhyGital consultation of these walk-in patients for the Drs who are old aged or on travel.

  • ○ Online

  • ► Voice Call:

    For the patients with less or no Internet connection. GSM based mobile phone call is enabled without exchanging the phone numbers of the Patient & Doctors. Hence privacy maintained.

  • ► Video Call:

    One of the most powerful & the simplest ever designed Video consultation solution available in the market and continuously evolving further as well.

  • ► Conference Call:

    Video call with a special provision to invite a translator, decision maker of the family or a Senior Specialist into the consultation made even more easier.

  • ○ Chat:

    Multi-media online secured chat with the Doctor directly, and linked to the Patient profile.

  • ○ Local Pharmacy:

    Provision to enable the local pharmacies into the network to support the walk-in OTC customers & chronic patients at community level.

  • ○ Village Level Volunteer:

    Identified Voluntoprenuers at each of the hamlets of villages can support the village dwellers to manage any kind of sudden onset with confidence.

  • ○ Care Provider (VHN / ASHA / etc):

    The trained care providers do need the right tools and connectivity to confidently provide any community care.

  • ○ Community Support by stationed nurse (Communities, Educational institute, Factories, offices, etc):

    Any places where more than few hundred people come together periodically needs a care support system.

  • ○ Local General Physicians, Family doctors & AYUSH Doctors:

    Connectivity with the tertiary care facility or a specialist, helps the general practitioner to make easy decision between Revenue and Reputation.

  • ○ Home Care visits by Phlebotomist / Drug Delivery Boys.

    On-Demand services can be delivered with ease, using the provisions in the platform.

  • ○ Digital Accessibility:

    Feature Phone / IVRS (where there is no internet) / Mobile phone / Web portal, do provide various services deliverable online directly to the patient.

○ Improving the Revenue Realisation

1) Optimised OPD based value addition:

The only resource of the Doctor is his time and understanding this EPICare has been designed to deliver the most optimised time management solution available in the industry.

  • ○ Dynamic consultation charge option

    Free to Premium, as an option for the patient to choose from.

  • ○ Planning and easy execution of Multi-channel consultations.

    In-Person, Online, Med. Rep’s detailing, special procedures, etc.

2) eShop:

As a Doctor you have the final key for the gateway of multiple products to be displayed to the needy patients.

  • ○ Prescribed Drug

  • ○ Nutrition products

  • ○ Toys / books for the kids

3) Tele-Consultation:

With the exponential growth of patients online demand for various services has certainly improved the tele-consultation practices across the specialities.

  • ○ Chat

  • ○ Voice

  • ○ Video

4) Virtual Hospital:

This unique feature in EPICare can make multiple Doctors / facility providers of various disciplines & geographies can together to provide a comprehensive solution to the end user healthcare services.

  • ○ Adding Specialist (Pediatrician, Neonatologist, Gynaecologist, Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist, Cardiologist, etc.)

  • ○ Adding Providers (Lab, Diagnostics centre, Physio, Language therapist, blood bank, Ambulance provider, etc)

5) Payment Gateway & Wallet System:

Online payments are made simple and easy through multiple portals & interfaces. (Web-Portal, Mobile App, Hospital WebSite, KIOSK, in-Person, etc.)

○ Improved Patient Experience

At the helm it is the experience the patient is looking for with the hospital, physician & the care providers.

1) Feeling of being Connected with Dr always.

  • ○ Engagement:

    Protocol based, periodic, personalised Engagement messages, provides a feel good factor that there is some one out there to think about him continuously.

  • ○ Tele-Consultation:

    Connectivity anytime, anywhere from the bedroom or while travelling that too with my Doctor, who knows me better than anyone, is the key.

  • ○ Remote Monitoring Solutions:

    The post-surgical risk patients, Pre-term babies, identified chronic patients, etc needs right tools to quantify their status with their remote doctor.

2) Reduced Anxiety

  • ○ Booking Appointment:

    any time with ease, never before this has been made so easy. Through multiple options at ease.

  • ○ Ability to Track the Consultation Waiting Time:

    Reduces the unnecessary frustration and the possible cross infection.

  • ○ Chat with Dr:

    Many of the seemingly trivial doubts can eventually turn out to be highly critical. Hence chances cannot be taken.

3) My Dr Knows Me Better than Anyone Else

  • ○ Profile, Past clinical history, past prescriptions, disgnostic reports etc. are completely digital and are readily accessible.

  • ○ Periodic personalised messages improve the trust.

4) Digital Convenience

  • ○ Entire family details in one app

  • ○ Online purchase & payment

  • ○ Tracking the baby growth/ vital trends/ prognosis digitally

  • ○ Smart devices at OPD


Voice of Industry Experts

April 1, 2021

► 200k patients enrolled

April 1, 2021

► 7yrs of research work & various clinical trials done

April 1, 2021

► Experience of implementing this solution in remote villages for years

April 1, 2021

► It's time to show the world what India is capable of.

Acknowledgement & Special Thanks to:

Dr Arulalan, AA Child Care Centre, Vellore

Field level Conceptualisation & Clinical side development

  • Meeting Global Standards: