EPICare focuses on improving clinical outcomes and to provide value-based care through the patient engagement platform. Also, centralizing the need to empower patients to necessitate self-care beyond hospitals. The platform is designed to tailor suite all specialities with a highly accessible solution for healthcare providers to connect to their patients and reduce frequent in-person consults.


  • ○ Accessible through android, iOS and web

  • ○ Empowering patients through health education and resources for efficient engagements

  • ○ Patient health data generated digitally for references and analysis

  • ○ Comprehensive Dashboard to review patient information, data, past history and medications effortlessly

  • ○ Customized branding of your APP directed to your own patient portal

  • ○ Meaningful teleconsultations to provide a preliminary diagnosis and optimized care delivery solution

  • ○ Improvised patient communications through chats, APP reminders and messages

  • Paediatricians:

    Can remotely connect to their patients through teleconsultation as well as inbuilt paediatric tools for analysing growth progressions with EPICare.

  • Neonatologists:

    Infants need follow up care and routine visits that can be initiated through EPICare teleconsultation.

  • Gynaecologist:

    Women health concerns ranging from hormonal problems to post medical care can be efficiently consulted with video visits using the EPICare platform.

  • Ophthalmologist:

    Remote eye exams as well as diagnosis can be provided with effective video consultations through EPICare.

  • Diabetologist:

    Blood reports can be charted digitally as well as remote vitals can be assessed through EPICare platform, with preliminary video visits to diagnose further treatments.

  • Surgeons:

    Post-operative care can be efficiently handled by remote teleconsultation and assessing remote vitals with OXY-2. This gives freedom to the patient for a comfortable home-based care.

  • General Physician:

    Minor ailments can be analysed through a preliminary EPICare teleconsultation with doctors having a thorough virtual face-to-face exam and providing necessary treatments.

  • Intensivists:

    Digital tele-ICU for home-based care with remote vitals monitoring with OXY-2 and televisits as follow up care with EPICare.

  • Dermatologist:

    Skin ailments can be diagnosed via preliminary diagnosis via video consults and e-medication refills can be conveniently prescribed through EPICare.

  • Psychiatrist:

    Online consultations for mental health have evolved from the in-person consults and empowers patients to receive assistance from their psychiatrists at all times through EPICare.

  • Physiotherapist

    E-therapies have evolved with patients connecting to their physiotherapists on a real-time video session. Exercises as well as body movements can be evaluated through EPICare for injuries.