EPICare provides a technology enabled network for Tele-ICU to address the complexity of patients by providing remote care and assistance. This deployment also indicates quality health progresses and improved patient outcomes. The platform also determines additional support or advanced evaluation of patient care.

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  • ○ Telediagnosis:

    Remote visualization of patients and access to patient health records can provide a primary analysis on pre hospital diagnosis.

  • ○ Remote Vitals Monitoring Care:

    Integration of OXY-2 oo the platform can enable patients battling health issues to conveniently track their vital parameters, SpO2, Heart rate, Respiration rate and Temperature, to monitor early health problems or seek emergency treatment, also promoting continuity of care.

  • ○ Active Follow Up Routine:

    Post consultation through tele-visits can evade the in-person visits for patient convenience.

  • ○ Tele-ICU at Hospitals:

    Wireless assessment of vitals of multiple patients on a single platform for collective assessment through OXY-2 integration to clinical vital monitoring dashboard with alert escalations for timely treatments.

  • ○ Eligibility for Step Down Care:

    Can be assessed by providing through patient’s vital statistics


March 18, 2021

Postoperative care is very important for all my patients and I ensure that they are all connected to me via EPICare. Many times, patients opt for a teleconsult than an in-person consult as they are recuperating from surgery and do not wish to travel long hours. EPICare has ensured that my patients can choose their mode of consults at their own pace and comfort.