Medical care of a new born is specific to catering to their special needs, especially the ill or premature born. Preterm birth is one of the most challenging and the leading cause of death in children under the age of five. India is the biggest contributor to the world’s prematurity burden, accounting for 23.6% of the around 15 million global pre-term births. Preterm babies lose body heat more easily, which may result into hypothermia. As they need extra energy and care to stay warm and grow, continuous monitoring of the temperature is an essential factor. Post hospitalization, OXY2 helps monitoring of temperature, heart rate and Saturated oxygen levels in the baby for any clinical intervention and management.

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  • ○ Neonates Vitals Health:

    Continuous evaluations of cardiorespiratory stability, (Spo2, HR and RR) are critical aspect in preterm infants.

  • ○ Effective Home Care:

    Based Real-time Vitals monitoring through OXY-2 can be tracked comfortably and effortlessly for babies with OXY2 thereby reducing clinic visits.

  • ○ NICU Care:

    Automatization of reliable vitals data from multiple neonates in the ward on a single dashboard relating to alert thresholds can provide prompt care at the right time.

  • ○ Telediagnosis:

    As a part of the follow up routine mothers can consult their baby’s neonatologist for health concerns, providing them reassurance and 24*7 access and care.

  • ○ Neonatal Vaccination:

    A precise mapping and charting of all vaccines due and for follow ups.


March 18, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, I have been able to connect with my patients through EPICare. For newborn parents, follow-ups are essential and that requires them to visit my clinic. But with the teleconsultation feature, I connect over video call and clarify their doubts and give my diagnosis. The vaccination tool for dues and reminders are a great way for parents to track the vaccines.