HELYXON has deployed a “first-of-its-kind” remote vital monitoring solution through a device called OXY-2, that can track four essential vital parameters, SpO2, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate and Temperature, via Bluetooth and transmits the data to a mobile APP (iVITAL+). The real-time data is then live streamed to a cloud computing server, which can be distantly assessed by one or multiple care providers. An ideal solution for home-based Care and Hospital Care, remote monitoring can effectively address health concerns and thus empowering clinicians for appropriate and timely treatment decisions.


  • ○ Integrated Remote Monitoring in Telehealth:

    Real time vital monitoring from OXY-2 can be integrated to the EPICare platform, thus making the solution a holistic platform for remotely
    tracking vitals and necessitating teleconsultation for diagnosis.

  • ○ Alert Escalation Protocols:

    A unique feature relating to alerts reporting for pre-set threshold breaches makes the solution apt for timely assistance.

  • ○ Comfortable Placement:

    The Device can be clipped or strapped to the wrist allowing a wide range of motion.

  • ○ Suitable for all Ages:

    With the inclusion of clinical grade probes the solution can be used for all ages from neonatal to geriatric care.

  • ○ Record Vital Trends:

    Multiple patient’s trends can be recorded on a single dashboard for hospital setting, as well as longer time data storage and a live display.

  • ○ Geofencing:

    Physical location of the patient can be traced for timely assistance.

  • ○ Hospital Ward-OXY2:

    Is an ideal choice for remote vitals monitoring in the wards and for step down ICU care. Be it an individual ward or central monitoring room, OXY2 serves the purpose.


March 18, 2021

I think this is arguably the best solution for Remote Monitoring. During the pandemic, I have advised many of my patients to use the OXY-2 device for home-based care since many of them were scared to visit my clinic and I have been able to reach out to them for their real-time vitals data for clinical diagnosis. this has encouraged my patients to take care of their health more efficiently.