Tele-ophthalmology has progressed rapidly in the era of telemedicine by providing improved access to medical eye care. An alternative routine is a primary remote consult for a face-to-face clinical analysis for opthalmological examination and an organized follow up care. This facilitates patients with lower ailments burden may be moved away from customary practices to a virtual platform.

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  • ○ Telediagnosis:

    Effective general exams and post op diagnosis can be provided via teleconsultation with EPICare.

  • ○ Remote Eye Exams:

    Specifications and patient response to feel and pressure points on eyes can give an initial diagnosis.

  • ○ Past Medical Reports:

    Physicians can access detailed clinical information during teleconsult sessions.

  • ○ E-Prescriptions:

    Past treatments and drugs can be tracked conveniently.

  • ○ Constant Engagements:

    Patients can be educated on health and medical conditions through videos or messages through EPICare.


March 18, 2021

Many of my patients usually have a primary diagnosis through a face-to-face video consultation via EPICare platform. The consults have assisted me to a primary diagnosis of their conditions and further necessitate them to visit the clinic if required. Many of my patients have recovered from minor ailments from the comfort of their homes. This platform has been an ideal choice for me.