Patient centric care is focuses together addressing health concerns of patients, basic health education to support the community and appropriate treatment and diagnosis.

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  • ○ Community Patient Engagement

    Providing health education and information on medical aspects.

  • ○ Outreach Through Telediagnosis

    A primary diagnosis can be consulted via EPICare

  • ○ Multidisciplinary Health Team

    Comprising of physicians, health workers, nurses for assistance

  • ○ Home Visits for Care

    Personalized care for infants or babies through ASHA workers


March 18, 2021

An online platform for telemedicine with EPICare through the My+Health platform was a new concept for us residing in a community. Teleconsults, primary care and health education engagements made us more connected to our physicians. This has also helped us during emergencies and care. We all have our logins and are now assured that healthcare is now even closer to us than it was ever before.