• A hospital ward comprises of varied patients with health issues ranging from minor to complex conditions. Hence the interval of the nurses catering to patient’s physiological vital data also varies with the complexity of their health condition.

  • Patients are connected to IoT based Medical Grade, wearable and continuously measuring Vitals Parameter Sensors, OXY-2, provided for every admitted patient in the hospital, excluding ICU and Causality departments, as these patients are more critical and already a reliable system has been place. All the real time data is tracked and recorded on a central Dashboard available for nurses and care providers for assessments.

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  • ○ Vital data gathered from each patient are transmitted to a control unit in real time for recording and analysis.

  • ○ Real time data trends can be saved on a cloud storage

  • ○ Improved Health outcomes through efficient care

  • ○ Critical patients with the help of alert escalation can be given timely assistance

  • ○ Early detection of abnormalities in the patient’s health


March 18, 2021

I thank my doctors and nurses for the care that I received during my treatment. throughout my stay at the hospital whilst my deteriorating health, I was immediately catered, when my vitals dropped low and post-recovery, I have been using the OXY-2 device for periodic vitals check. The device is comfortable and very convenient for elderly persons like me.