Enabling a panel of Doctors of multidiscipline or of the same discipline, while each of them is physically independent to come together along with a set of facilities online to build a powerful brand with almost no heavy investments.

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○ Doctors can empanel additional Doctors into the group, making his/her patients access the team within this panel, this way the patient is always retained.

○ Similarly, additional facilities like pharmacy, cash, diagnostic centre, physiotherapist, home care provider, etc., can be added to provide a holistic solution.

○ Cross referral of the patient within the group strengthens the tracking of care delivery and patient satisfaction.

○ All the family members of the patient can access the APP, making it a one - stop solution for their health needs.

○ Teleconsultation, wallet, eshop, appointment booking, personal health records, patient engagement, etc., are the many included features.


March 18, 2021

“The idea of a virtual hospital is a smooth transition from conventional healthcare practices and EPICare has been very useful in digitizing healthcare services. We have now moved all our clinical activities online and this has benefited our staff and patients in a very significant way. All our doctors are now using EPICare and are happy with the interface.”