Smart clinic adopted by EPICare encompassed clinical activities and offers co-existing communication between the patients and the care providers. This entirely new model in care centres can propose a faster streamlining of operations and seamless efficiency towards patient care. This will further promote increased patient engagement and work towards the betterment of patient health.

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  • ○ Online Appointment Scheduling:

    Simple and easy appointment booking feature facilitating
    convenient self-booking or front desk enabled booking

  • ○ TeleConsultation:

    Initiating primary diagnosis through teleconsultation and further to the diagnosis and investigation can the physician decide upon admitting patient admission to the hospital.

  • ○ Engagements and Reminders:

    Health advice or messages can improve patient experiences. Reminders about vaccination and follow - ups can personalize the entire course of health delivery.

  • ○ Accessible Information:

    Patient health information will be available for physicians to track a patients health status. This can be mapped with past prescriptions and investigation reports for tracking previous medications, treatments and symptoms.

  • ○ In - Built Chat Tool:

    Has been added to the system for the convenience of patients to reach out to their physicians for specific health advice or query.

  • ○ Health Tools for Children and Adults:

    Paediatric tools like growth charts, milestones and vaccinations apart from other tools like vitals, complaints, lab reports, e-prescriptions and follow - ups are also integrated to give the entire platform a more holistic approach.


March 18, 2021

EPICare platform and tools have encouraged my patients to reach out conveniently through the easy-to-use mobile APPs. I have received positive feedback from my patients who feel that they are connected and are well communicated by the clinic services. I am also happy with the way EPICare has helped my practice in a significant way