Home based care can assist patients in providing the highest quality of care possible. This enables patient safety, increased independence at the comfort of their homes. A physician directed care can enable timely interventions with the professionals, thereby improving the medical care beyond the hospitals.

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  • ○ Remote Home Care Vitals Monitoring

• Vital parameters reflect the patient’s health status and close monitoring is necessary which is tedious for caregivers.
• OXY2 is a “state-of-the-art” remote monitoring device that continuously tracks 4 vital signs- Temperature, Pulse Rate, Oxygen saturation and Heart Rate
• With geofencing and alert protocols this solution can provide timely medical assistance.

  • ○ Integration to EPICare

    In case of alerts or medical consults, patients can conveniently connect with physicians through video consultations. This helps inaccessible health care option at home and provides peace of mind and health assurance.

  • ○ Wellness Monitoring

    The whole concept of remote monitoring revolves around ease of placement of device and patients are not tied to hospitals.


March 18, 2021

I have been recently diagnosed with viral fever and was advised bed rest from my doctor. I have been conveniently been able to record my vitals using the OXY-2 device and check my data periodically from my home. I’m also following up on my health status with video consultations through My+Health APP. I am thankful to my doctor for suggesting me these solutions which can remotely assess my health status without the need to visit the clinic.