Mental Health Disorders affect cognitive and psychological ability of individuals. The treatment options are medications and psychotherapy. EPICare extends telemedicine services to treat and diagnose a range of mental health issues. Improvised patient care and continual communication enhances the scope of recovery and coordinated patient Doctor relationship.

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  • Psychiatric Evaluations:

    Online therapy sessions can be adapted to suit the convenience of both the patient and care providers through tele-consults or in-person visits.

  • E-Therapy:

    Sometimes, patients are more comfortable with an online consult than visiting a clinic and this offers them better access to mental care.

  • Digital Patient Information:

    Patient’s health records can be assessed by care providers at any time which gives them an insight on medical history and medication refills.

  • Constant Engagements:

    Educating patients on their well being and promoting better health and positive outcomes.


March 18, 2021

Mental Health has been a major concern in recent times. I have a few of my patients who are not comfortable visiting the clinic because of the perceived social stigma of receiving mental health care. Hence, many of them are now connected to me via E-Therapy through EPICare and are now much more relaxed and better connected.