HELYXON offers the finest end-to-end Healthcare solutions aimed at delivering efficient services in the Healthcare space and improving patient health outcomes.
Integration of Patient Engagement, Personal Health Record system, Remote monitoring, eShop, payment gateway & product delivery tracking system, focuses on patient-centric solutions delivered through Doctors, sustainably democratizing the quality healthcare.


  • ○ Focusing on fostering the Doctor-Patient engagement continuum, we offer the most versatile digital solutions in the healthcare space.

  • ○ Automated Appointments Schedule and feasible patient broadcast on delay or time reschedule

  • ○ Real - time vital parameters acquisition through our IoT based devices for reliable data

  • ○ Convenient teleconsultation for a real - time analysis on patient’s health status

  • ○ Customized patient information and portals for individual clinicians

  • ○ Data management through storage of data in cloud for future references

  • ○ Preference of Home Care or Hospital Care based approaches depending on the convenience of patient’s health needs

  • ○ Patient engagements through health education and communication delivery quality care

  • Virtual Hospital:

    A digital Healthcare network to provide remote care to patients and strengthens the hospital’s position as a global centre for smart solutions.

  • Smart Clinics:

    EPICare helps in transforming clinical practices to more personalized and patient-centred care.

  • Community Health:

    Building a healthy community through accessible healthcare services closer to patients.

  • Teleconsultation:

    Remote care equates to remote diagnosis, thus EPICare brings to you a unique video compression algorithm that brings the best video consultation experience as realistic as an in-person consult.

  • Remote Monitoring Solutions:

    An innovative IoT technology, OXY-2 empowers patients with home/hospital - based vital monitoring solutions for remote care.


Globally, the quest for a right model of quality care at right time and the right price has never seized, many analyses shows that the gap is widening at an alarming rate. We, at HELYXON, believe that the only solution is to empower patients and make them more responsible towards their health, and to bring doctors back to the center stage as they are the fulcrum of the industry.
EPICare platform is highly modular and flexible designed for a variety of disciplines to customize and use. The platform can be tuned to the practitioner’s style of practice.

Engagement :

Patients continue a long-sustained relationship with their physicians beyond consultations through our interactive engagement platform. Teleconsultation is undoubtedly the next era of the care delivery system. Understanding the intricacies for continued care, we focus on-
○ Privacy of Doctor & Patient
○ Redundant technological solution
○ Time management of a Busy Practitioner's uncertainties.

Our solutions are simpler, more reliable than the freely available third-party teleconferencing solution and maintain the highest data security.

Personal Health Record :

The current digital era has ushered patients to be more participative and inquisitive. Cloud computing servers, the internet and mobile phones have redefined how health records can track patients like a digital shadow and make them take responsibility for their health under the guidance of their care provider.

IoT (Internet of Things) :

Best monitoring care need not be confined to ICUs or OT or Emergency rooms, now similar care can be achieved remotely through Home Care. Multiple compact clinical-grade smart devices have been developed at HELYXON and open for interfacing with third-party products as well to support patients to easily get connected to their doctors.

Along with remote wireless live streaming of vital data, features like video, audio, alert escalations and symptoms make our solutions closer to meet the Healthcare demands.

Commerce :

The entire solution is incomplete without the addition of an e-commerce module. We believe that patients require such essential online services for drugs or devices multiple times more than when they visit clinics or hospitals. Our solution enables care providers to have complete control and access to a variety of vendors, thus opening up new opportunities for patients to meet their healthcare needs remotely.

Why Choose EPICare?

EPICare is the most versatile solution with not just teleconsultation but with extended service digital platform for extended healthcare services. EPICare expertise’s in smart, customized modules for efficient data management through digital recording of patient registration, online appointment scheduling, tele-visits and e-prescriptions, billing details and lab reports offering an extensive approach to assist doctors to focus on their core activities by automating all health information and clinical activities thereby rendering quick service to patients. With a more patient - centric focus, EPICare offers a perspective towards improving clinical outcomes and efficiency.

EPICare Focuses on

○ Building and leveraging strong Relationship between the Doctor and Patient leading to better Healthcare facility for their patients
○ Customized solution developed to link Individual doctors to their “own” patients
○ Accessible digital healthcare APP designed for preventive well-being and timely medical engagements
○ Seamless integration of IoT Vital Trends for reliable data and clinical decisions
○ Flexible tele-engagement platform for Doctors to navigate their practice online


Mrs Nadhiya
March 1, 2021

“I found this app extremely useful especially amidst the lockdown. When there is a medical emergency with children, we as parents are scared to visit a medical facility in fear of contracting the virus and the lockdown regulation. So when my child had a medical emergency, we were unable to venture out during the lockdown and movement restrictions. Through My+Health app I was able to contact Dr. Arulalan, I am thankful to him as he was prompt in his response. I consulted via video consultation and it was so similar to an in person consult. We can clarify doubts with the doctors, appointments can also be fixed without waiting in long queues, and chat options are available for any clarifications, and video and voice calling features. I am thankful that the app has been extremely helpful in this lockdown. Thank you.”

Mrs Radha
March 1, 2021

"I find the KCE APP very useful since I had always been accustomed to manual entry of patients using a notepad. The APP is very easy to use and the features of the APP replaces and tracks my daily tasks. Some days we have a lot of patients in the clinic and then I used to find it difficult to cater to individual patients but now I am at ease since I can now just open my APP to retrieve clinical tasks."

Mrs Lakshmi
March 1, 2021

"My daily activities revolves around travelling to different villages for post delivery visits to mothers, first aid for minor illnesses and assess growth and development of babies. I was earlier entering the names of the villages and activites in a note book, but it was very tedious to track all the tasks and data and submit to the Health Supervisor. We were then told to use the KC Provider APP, where all our duties were mapped in the APP. Now I feel relieved since my I am saving extra time during my visits by entering the data in the APP and can visit more houses than before. This APP has been of great help to me"