EPICare assists in promoting value added services to a practitioner’s practice with integration of telemedicine and teleconsultation. A combination of both the services can provide a virtual diagnosis, thus assisting in added comfort of location irrespective of geographical barriers by providing a digital access to medical support.

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  • ○ Telediagnosis:

    A preliminary diagnosis can be evaluated through teleconsults on further treatments.

  • ○ Prescriptions and Health Records:

    Accessible information will be provided alongside the teleconsults for better informed analysis.

  • ○ Active Follow Up Routine:

    Post consultation through tele-visits can evade the in-person visits for patient convenience.

  • ○ Remote Vitals Monitoring Care:

    Integration of OXY-2 of the platform can enable patients battling health issues to conveniently track their vital parameters, SpO2, Heart rate, Respiration rate and Temperature, to monitor early health problems or seek emergency treatment.

  • ○ Patient Engagements:

    Patient education and health information as part of care plan beyond the hospital.


March 18, 2021

Few of my patients travel a long distance just for minor ailments that could be well consulted via an online platform. That’s when I started using EPICare, now all patients can easily connect to me for a preliminary diagnosis and then a follow up on their health status. All health tools like past medical history, online prescriptions etc., are easily available that helps me evaluate clinical diagnosis. This platform has brought the best features for physicians and made our practice even more convenient.