Women’s health relates to a wide range of focus areas ranging from health issues to pregnancy and childbirth. Through the course of the treatment or diagnosis, EPICare emphasizes the importance of a fully integrated platform for Digital Health Records, patient portal, past report and prescriptions. It also focuses on providing augmented care for women through engagements, communication and seamless teleconsults.

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  • ○ Vaccination Charts:

    An inbuilt scheduler is provided to update with all vaccines and due dates for babies to their mothers.

  • ○ Integrated Health Records:

    To track and analyze the overall health progress in women.

  • ○ Engagements:

    Patient education and health information as part of care plan beyond the hospital.

  • ○ E-Prescription:

    Informed clinical analysis through tracking medications and refill history as well as details to allergy or checks contraindications for further diagnosis.

  • ○ Follow Up Visits:

    Encourage patients for a follow up routine through teleconsultation or necessary in-person consults .

  • ○ Remote Monitoring Vitals Solution:

    Integration of OXY-2 of the platform can enable expected mothers or those battling health issues to conveniently track their vital parameters, SpO2, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate and Temperature, to monitor early health problems or seek emergency treatment.


March 18, 2021

It’s very easy to connect through EPICare and I am really happy that my patients also feel likewise. An exclusive feature to add lab reports makes this a competent platform for medical practitioners. Many of my patients can now remotely connect via video calls and this has made our connections more meaningful.