About us

Born at IIT Madras Research Park with top notch research and engineering capabilities, We at HELYXON see things differently, and constantly challenge the status-quo. We have a strong Innovative heritage. Simple, Smart and Sensible are the most fundamental guiding principles of our products, services and solutions.

India is currently known to have severe shortage in supply of physicians. There is an immediate need to scale the human expertise in healthcare by adopting information and communication technologies at appropriate pain points. We recognize this need, and set to work towards addressing this immediate need through technologies, data science and automation. We leave no stone unturned in trying to bring technology and data science together to achieve this.

Motivated by the vision of health for all, we will provide a never-seen-before experience to both healthcare providers and consumers. Our vision is to Enable Healthcare delivery Affordable to Anyone, Anywhere and Anytime. Our Mission is to provide a never-seen-before experience to both healthcare providers and consumers and bring out solutions which are highly compelling, scalable, addressing the social needs.

The concepts are conceived, developed & manufactured by us in Chennai with the help of our core team having several decades of individual experience in Healthcare & IT. We are located out of IITM Research Park, Chennai. We aspire to make it to the list of the first Global Brands from India.