About Us

  • Helical:

    The DNA in XY form

  • Axon:

    The network inside the human body

Internet, the new persuasive network is going to change the very DNA of the healthcare delivery system. And at HELYXON, we work towards hastening the process to happen easily and reliably.

HELYXON is a Med Tech enterprise in collaboration with IIT Madras, born and based out of IIT Research Park, Chennai. HELYXON’s groundbreaking technology at the core helps clinicians around the world monitor patients remotely and treat them with more certainty. Over 6 years of extensive clinical research has helped HELYXON to create a comprehensive clinically-validated patient engagement platform “well ahead of time” understanding the specific needs of the stakeholders. Focusing on fostering the Doctor-Patient engagement continuum, we offer the most versatile digital solutions in the healthcare space. Our path-breaking innovations range from stand-alone vitals monitoring at the hospital to step-down ICU care to Home care to Teleconsultation, HELYXON has the most comprehensive, integrated solution for all. Driven by the passion to bring health-care access closer, HELYXON Healthcare Solutions has been pioneering the science of digital (contact-less, remote) healthcare.

We at HELYXON see things differently and constantly challenge the status quo. We have a strong Innovative heritage. Simple, Smart and Sensible are the most fundamental guiding principles of our products, services and solutions. Motivated by the vision of health for all, we provide a never-seen-before experience to both healthcare providers and consumers. Our vision is to enable Healthcare delivery that is Affordable to Anyone, Anywhere and Anytime. Our Mission is to provide a never-seen-before experience to both healthcare providers and consumers and bring out solutions that are highly compelling, scalable and addressing the social needs.

The concepts are conceived, developed & manufactured by us in Chennai with the help of our core team having several decades of relevant experience in Healthcare & IT. We aspire to make it to the list of the first Global Brands from India.

Work Environment

HELYXON has a positive and healthy workplace environment with different domains focused on creating pathbreaking healthcare solutions. We also focus on fostering a research based culture through or innovations thus promoting learning and developement within the organization.

Meet Our Experts

  • Vijai Shankar Raja

A Technocrat and Serial Entrepreneur with over 30+ years of Healthcare Industry experience. He carries himself with a profound knowledge on industrial requirements, challenges and opportunities. Prior to HELYXON, he was the founder of CURA Healthcare, a medical equipment company, manufacturing Digital Radiography products. Over the last 28 years, Mr Vijai has been in the forefront of building digital radiography equipment. He was also the co-founder of AVANTTEC, a healthcare IT product company, prior to starting CURA. His vision of revolutionizing digital healthcare with the integration of smart IoT based medical devices 5 years ago, was a plan “well ahead of its time” and today has positioned into being a “first-of-its-kind” holistic health engagement platform, called EPICare.

  • Sridhar Ranganathan

Over 29 years of successful commercial experience in Indian and Multi-national companies across industrial, pharmaceutical, aesthetics and body contouring segments has an excellent career record of rapid growth to become one of the youngest Managing Directors in the industry and further reaching the position of Associate Vice President in the International business based at Marlow, UK. Sridhar has been part of many transformational strategic initiatives in Allergan in various leadership roles for the last 21 years. He was recognized as one of the 24 international top talents in March 2019. He spearheads the commercial venture of the patient engagement platform and IoT based devices, to being the public face of HELYXON with his strategic judgments which have up scaled the organization to achieving commendable success under his leadership.