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My+Health is a patient healthcare App bridging technological advancement for online consultations between doctor and the patient for providing a Virtual Health Experience. An efficient tool for remote patient monitoring and clinical care, that is cost effective and aids in delivery of easy health solutions. It aids in telediagnosis and prompt clinical advices for patients remotely. The app can be downloaded from Playstore.


  • ○ Seamless Video and Voice Consultations

  • Fix Consults through Appointments

  • Emergency video and voice calls are also available for urgent consults

  • Advanced algorithm for high quality video calling experience

  • ○ Organized appointment scheduling

  • Online booking and mapping of appointment dates and time slots for patient convenience

  • Save time against long waiting queues for in person consults

  • ○ Clinical Prescriptions and Health Information

  • Clarify health queries and medications

  • Upload lab reports, medical history data and update health statistics for remote analysis

  • Receive online scanned clinical prescriptions and reports for diagnosis, evading physical transcriptions

  • Replicate paper prescriptions to E-Reports

  • ○ Secured wallet payment

  • Ability to demand premium services remotely at your convenience

  • Pay as per the doctor’s consultation fees and credibility

  • Past transactions can be viewed via Payment History feature

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“I found this app extremely useful especially amidst the lockdown. When there is a medical emergency with children, we as parents are scared to visit a medical facility in fear of contracting the virus and the lockdown regulation. So when my child had a medical emergency, we were unable to venture out during the lockdown and movement restrictions. Through My+Health app I was able to contact Dr. Arulalan, I am thankful to him as he was prompt in his response. I consulted via video consultation and it was so similar to an in person consult. We can clarify doubts with the doctors, appointments can also be fixed without waiting in long queues, and chat options are available for any clarifications, and video and voice calling features. I am thankful that the app has been extremely helpful in this lockdown. Thank you.”

MrsNadhiya, Vellore