Oxy Supreme – Continuous remote monitoring solution

Oxy Supreme – Continuous remote monitoring solution


  • One device for entire family(Infant, Child, Adult & Aged)
  • Remote continuous monitoring
  • Oxygen saturation & Heart Rate
  • Temperature (Additional probe)
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Wireless live transmission (Bluetooth/Web)
  • Alert / Escalations
  • Ideal for Hospital/Home care
  • Disposable probes(Pediatrics/Adults)
  • FREE App

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This is an end user’s usable, wearable IOT based medical device that is safe & non-invasively continuously monitoring the oxygen saturation of blood, Temperature, Respiratory Rate in our body. This device helps babies, adults and old people having breathing related issues. This device also alerts and sends alarm to the nearby service provider or distant physician using internet.

This device can be independently used as a standalone device & shows instant reading at it’s self display. It also shows Pulse rate, Plethesmograph.

This device can be used for all age groups. Please purchase probe, mandatory for Pediatrics/Newborns & SpO2 without probe will work for adults only.

Clinically proven at various medical colleges and teaching institutes & papers are getting published upon the successful completion of study.

All its consumables can be bought locally or at our same site itself. If you feel, want to use batteries for longer days/weeks, suggest you to buy rechargeable batteries, available at our site.

The user can freely download iVital App to connect SpO2, available both for Android & iOS. There is also provision to upgrade the app to remotely live monitor.

Android:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.helyxon.ivital&hl=en

iOS:          https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ivital/id1270028754?ls=1&mt=8

Size: 6cm X 3cm X 3cm

Weight: 29 gm

Bluetooth version: 4.0

Battery type: AAA

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