Focusing and integrating patient centric care with integrated ‘state-of-the-art’ remote monitoring approach in Healthcare services for convenient Home and Hospital Settings.


  • ○ EPICare Tele-engagement Platform:

    Integrated with teleconsultation and an array of integrated tools like patient’s data profile, IoT based vitals, past medication details, investigation diagnosis, e-prescriptions; along with inbuilt pediatric parameters like growth charts, vaccination chart with reminders; and personal patient engagements and reminders brands the platform into an inclusive health centric model for medical carefor convenient patient engagements and diagnosis. The platform is also customized to individual practitioner’s practice supporting patient’s care coordination.

  • ○ Remote Vitals Monitoring Solution:

    OXY-2 suite of devices with mobile APP to track patient’s vitals and records real-time data for remote analysis for physicians. A convenient health partner to record 4 vital parameters- Spo2, Heart Rate, Temperature and Respiration rate. The plethora of devices are adapted for Home based care and Hospital settings. The device is suitable for all age groups with advanced alert escalation and geofencing features.