We Sing, We Dance, We write poems, We draw, We challenge each other over memes, all while working to make healthcare affordable to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Welcome to HELYXON. The place, we call home. Cliché! You say ?

Well, with the vision set far high to Enable Healthcare delivery Affordable to Anyone, Anywhere and Anytime, we all are always busy in….

Celebrating Diwali with our extended family(HELYXONIANS family and children), who showcased their talents in drawing, painting, singing, riddles etc. etc. etc.

  • Celebrating Navarathri with our own employees.
    We have artists, singers, crafters, professional photographers and what not.

  • So how do we reward the always celebrating…errr…working… HELYXONIANS? Of course, the best of healthcare!! Our own OXY-2,

  • Remote patient monitoring, given free to all with access to best doctors available for consultation over video call for themselves and their family without any consultation fees and free medical insurance. Because our HELYXONIANS are our best asset.

  • So while we didn’t stop celebrating all major festivals even during lockdown, we were also busy saving lives and

  • Getting rewarded by the government and by hospitals,

  • How can we not reward our own HELYXONIANS who made all these possible….

So dear visitor, if our family interests you, send your profile to or apply to one of the current openings mentioned below.

  • Do you want to know how? It’s because we hire only those who are passionate about their jobs day in day out?

Can't believe? Take a look at the awards we have received from the esteemed Chief Minister conferred by the CII
Because each HELYXONIAN'S work is helping save a child in one way or the other
So what do HELYXONIAN'S get in return for all the passion they show in work I hear you ask?

○ Fast track career growth in comparison to their peers
○ Free Medical insurance
○ Free OXY-2 (Remote patient monitoring device) to all
○ Always helpful peers
○ And loads of fun!!!

If these interest you, send us your profile to or apply to one of the openings below

1 . SE001 Baby Products Marketing Manager. -  View & Apply